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My, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Rather than giving an update on the intricacies of this past year, I will instead announce the completion of my debut album,

“The Girl I Know”. Yay! I feel that this is the best summation I can provide. There it is. Buy, listen, share, spread, and most of all, I hope you enjoy.

As for the present, after my release party I decided to take some intensive time to refine my circus skills. Currently I am in New York City doing just that! It has been a month so far, and it’s a nice reminder of how much one can accomplish with a certain amount of structure and guidance. For the past few years I have put so much focus in recording my album as well as the business side of my music that I feel my musicianship has had minimal development. I am curious how I may blossom with structured musical training.

It has been refreshing to get out of Minneapolis and spend some extended time in a city I have always been curious about. My nomadic spirit is delightfully fed. I will continue to travel more extensively this next year, with the hopes of a winter getaway to Honolulu and backpacking with friends throughout Southeast Asia.

At some point I will explore the promotion of my album; touring, a radio campaign, etc. but for now I am content having completed it! What a journey.

I am very much focused on artistic development and growth and am thrilled to see where it may take me!

Until next time,





Affirming Blackness

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It is painful to live in a country with so many privileges yet at the same time, to witness a huge portion of our people consistently treated as disposable bodies. These are the bodies that built the economic privilege we bathe in. The disconnect is bewildering.

It is embarrassing to live in a country with a history of the enslavement of African American people and yet to compartmentalize perpetuated violence towards black individuals as irrelevant.

It is frustrating to witness the mistreatment of loved ones for their blackness yet, as a white bodied person, to often be blind and oblivious to their struggles.

It is hurtful to ignore the profound barrier between black and white actualized realities.

It is healing to listen, to embrace and affirm feelings, experiences, herstories and histories. To face them with love and compassion.

It is realistic to expect and demand justice. The truth is we are in desperate need of healing. Of growth. Of evolution. Of love. A love that values and cherishes all bodies, all hearts, all souls. A love that does not devalue, discriminate or dehumanize blackness. For that is a love in disguise.

It is important to recognize blackness. Black stories, black trauma, black experience. Love and healing grow from the soil of acceptance. of openness. How can we expand our light, as individuals, as communities, as a nation if we continue to evade our darkness? We are all in this together and ignoring our disparities will only further weaken us in our unity and in spirit.

We cannot continue to build in blindness. In numbness. We are collapsing, we are tired. We are dishonest if we think ignoring all this violence will not end in shambles. Lives are lost and hearts are broken.

The completion of this word compilation is pending

Visiting LA

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How lovely it is to return to Los Angeles as an adult and absorb it from new heights. The last time I was here I was seventeen years young and doing a college tour with my dad and high school bestie. I didn’t like it. Coming here now, with clear intentions and worldly experiences, I soak it in with pleasure and excitement. I sense my alignment with this here energy and recognize the opportunities to grow in my career. Of course as a visitor I have fresh optimism and have not yet absorbed the struggles of everyday life. But I see and feel my own potential in a city soaked with like-minded pursuits, creatives, and ambition. The past few days I have gotten to explore Venice by bicycle. Oh how I’ve missed the ocean! It woes me and brings peace to my spirit. Saturday morning I went to an open house at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. The first time I scoped out that school on the internet I was eleven. Funny to be there, in person, taking it in. I am interested in vamping my technical skills in production and engineering. The idea of being in an academic setting with structure and a sense of direction is very appealing. The journey as a musician is a long one that is refined through experience, and having a framework through which to refine with proactive intentionality is comforting. When visiting a city, I like to reflect on my “before”, “during” and “after” perceptions. A city is like its own universe, and as soon as you enter its portal it becomes more and more translucent. There are so many realms through which to roam, layers upon layers of culture and consciousness, all thriving at once. And it’s all so relative. Coming here, this time around, with a clear intention, focus and an adult brain (not to mention a 60 degrease increase in temperature) has set the stage for a clear understanding of what this city has to offer me. !

Filming with Baby Blue Arts

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This past June the band and I had the opportunity to film a half hour show with Baby Blue Arts, a Minnesota non-profit that films quality, professional videos of local musical acts. Founder and director Laurie Patton, is the sweetest most sincere person and a joy to work with, as is the rest of the team. It was about a half a day’s shoot at a local television station and within two months’ time the video was released on the organization’s website (each month they have a featured act). This was a great experience for myself and the band, as it was our first “live” filming. I felt it really kept us tight and on our toes. There was also an interview portion, which I also have not done a lot of; it is funny and interesting to watch yourself post interview. Both the facial expressions I made and how I chose to articulate myself are huge insights for my personal and brand development. Lately I have been thinking a lot about representation. How I am presenting myself and how I want to be received. Ultimately you have your intention but there is absolutely no guarantee that every single person is going to interpret you the way you’d like. At a certain point you have to let go of control and just express yourself. Finding a balance between output (expression) and input (interpretation) is something, as an artist, one is constantly navigating. But, that is also what makes it so interesting, is that ultimately you’re going to impact each person in a different way. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to film with Baby Blue Arts and that I get to work and play with such amazing, talented and dedicated musicians.

The rest of the show, which includes 4 songs, can be viewed here.


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Lately I’ve been missing parts of myself. The wild child, the animated goofball. The lady who impulsively buys a plane ticket to wherever she feels like it cuz she can’t sit still. The flirtatious provocateur who gets tipsy, dances and makes out with cute strangers at the club. The chick who runs naked through the streets in the pouring rain. This love of mine has been missing for a while now. Sometimes when we are letting go of relationships that are no longer healthy for us we temporarily lose parts of ourselves, the parts most associated with the people we once loved. Not that we ever stop loving them completely, we just choose to no longer act on that love. Amongst the loss we try and forget the memories that bore the attachment, the slivers of our identity projected onto the souls of others. Through the haze we may stagnate, flail a bit, stew in ourselves until we are ready to spread our wings, create new memories and reenact the lost parts of us on new terms. I have been, for long enough now, in the faze of stagnation where I am choosing not to “act” on old patterns. The withdrawal has given me a stale taste of complacency. My spirit is beginning to stir again, craving its freedom; to express with wild abandon all its colors on the canvas of my life. Now is my time for reclamation of the pieces of myself that I cherish, with new wisdom and an expansion of self-love.


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A friend recently made the comment that “we are all just organisms” and it has been spinning in my mind the past few days.

Like all living creatures, we go through cycles. We are so complex and juicy and vibrant and beautiful. I love the visual of a jellyfish, its tentacles swooshing in and out, pressing against the sea, the tension it creates giving it momentum to glide through heavy waters. Like jellyfish, we open and close, taking in “water” and ejecting it when we want to move, or change directions. Or, like a rose, sometimes we are closed tight in a bud, engrossed in our internal realities and other times we are watered with love and light and come into full bloom, for all to admire our beauty. It’s all happening, all around us, all at once. An explosion of energy, a crescendo of fantastic realities expressing the intent of the universe. It’s a delicate balance, as an organism, allowing oneself to express, eject, explode, whilst also finding meaning and purpose within, latching onto particular threads of consciousness that resonate with spirit.

In regards to weaving threads of consciousness: I had fallen off with maintenance of particular aspects of my music career, and have recently reoriented my energies and am ready to regain momentum. I recognize that so much of building a dream, is the baby steps we take every day towards creating that reality. When we learn to love the process, the progress will come. These patterns come to define us! I feel blessed to have found the gem within myself that has given my life meaning, the artist. Through she I have found my endlessness. She is not an easy journey, she takes time, dedication, fearlessness, strength, compassion, persistence, and above all, love. On top of this she seeks experience, perspective, challenge, excitement, risks. She is the most real piece of me I have ever known, and I will forever dance in the chaos of her thunder.

A Letter To My Soul

•July 4, 2014 • 2 Comments

You are building your castle. Your foundation has been laid, it’s time for the bricks. Take your time, for what you are building is a space that many will enter. Your castle must be secure. It is precious. You are precious. Know this. Respect this. Have the love and patience to tread gently. With kindness, compassion, awareness and joy. Have fun too! It is okay to let people touch you. Some will inspire your gorgeous architecture, while others will not always have your best interest. You must have or work towards the self-love, acceptance and forgiveness to let them go, for they are as human as you, dear one. Those encounters will give your castle character. That’s beautiful. Let them. That doesn’t mean they’re worthy of a permanent place in the building blocks of your queendom. You are the only one who can lay the bricks! You are the walls. You are the sparkle, you are the moat and you are the bridge. They can only enter if you let them. Use your best judgement at hand, and be okay with making mistakes. These lessons are a part of your precious journey! I love you always and forever my dearest soul. You are divine. 


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